What to Look For When Purchasing a Sink

With the kitchen's evolution into the home's multi-functional hub of activity, sinks have had to keep up as well. The result is a legion of choices involving everything from materials to bowl configuration. If you are in the market to buy stainless steel sinks for your kitchen, then there are some important things, which you should consider for obtaining the best one. When you look for kitchen sinks, you will come across many options in front of you. There are many brands as well as models in the market, which are providing different types of sink styles for different customers. Apart from the top mount stainless sinks, you can also find undermount sinks, which are primary used for stone countertops. The followings are some important factors, which you should consider before buying these sinks.

The Gauge Size:

The thickness of the stainless steel material being used to manufacture the sinks are very important. The gauge of stainless steel measures thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker and more durable the stainless steel. 18 gauge is optimal for residential kitchen sinks. As sinks are manufactured in different gauge sizes, you should know which one you should select for your kitchen. Obviously, the thicker the gauge size, the better the quality. The standard gauge in the market for a good quality sink is 18 gauge. The higher the gauge number, the thinner it gets. Thus, a 20 gauge sink is not very good compare to 18 gauge. Castle Bay offers the Classic Series which are made of 16 gauge. The Classic Series are made 25% thicker than standard sinks in the market. Value for life is our mission.

Type of Steel:

Looking for the right material when you are buying stainless steel sinks is also very important. 304 stainless steel materials is the good quality material. Opting for the models that come in chrome or nickel is a wise option, as it will help you to avoid corrosion problems.

Under CoatingQuality stainless steel sinks feature insulation that muffles sound, including garbage disposer noise.

Styles and Designs:

The last factor that you should look for is the style and design provided by the brand. As there are many models available in the market today, you will be able to select the right one that suits your needs and budget. However, it is very important to do proper research in the market to obtain the best deal.

Undermount Sinks:

Undermount kitchen sinks are fitted under the countertop. The either hang from the underside of the countertop or are supported from underneath by the base cabinet structure. If you are building a contemporary kitchen, opting for undermount sink could be the best option for you. Indeed, it is the most popular option in the market. This can be also one of the most attractive additions, which you are making in your kitchen. There are literally many different types of undermount sinks on today's market one can choose from with a variety of uses and different purposes. They are designed to fit just about any area of the home, and not only for home use but are used in many businesses such as restaurants coffee and lunch bars.

When you are installing undermount sink in your kitchen, you will be able to find that the basin will be attached below counter surface. Therefore, it will not give any visibility. However, installing undermount sinks are not simple as installing the top mount sink models which are dropped into the sink hole from above. When you are installing the undermount models, taking the assistance of a professional is quite imperative. These professional will cut the right size that fits the sinks and tight seal it. These individuals will have all the necessary tools, which is required for installing.

Square Zero-Radius Styles

A zero-radius sink is a type of kitchen sink with perfectly square interior corners, rather than the rounded corners you see on most rectangular kitchen sinks. Many zero-radius sinks also have a flat--rather than sloped--bottom. Zero-radius sinks give a kitchen a professional look. They offer plenty of room for food preparation and cleanup. Flat-bottomed models allow you to stack a lot of dishes with less risk of them tipping. Modern, sharp, funky, refreshing, and extra deep are the common words customers used to describe some of the characteristics of zero radius sinks. They are 90 degrees corners with the x groove moulded in the bottom of the sinks. . Most zero-radius corner sinks are 10" deep. This extra depth enables to hide more dishes and makes it look so much more sharper. For more information on the Square Zero-Radius Sinks, please visit www.castlebaysinks.com/Legendary.html.

Castle Bay Sinks

Most Castle Bay sinks are designed to maximize bowl space for efficiency. Some feature extra-deep bowls, ranging from 9" to 10" deep. The Legendary and Canon Series feature a tight radius on the bowl corners from very square (zero-radius) to softer corners, but still tight enough to ensure extra capacity. As well, most Castle Bay sinks place the drain hole at the back of the sink and feature a very flat bowl bottom surface so that you can easily place items on the sink bottom without their tipping over. The rear-positioned drain hole also allows for more room under the sink in the cabinet and this extra storage space is critical in the smaller kitchen.